The food we consume is grown 1000 miles away

For most city-dwellers, the food we consume is grown 1000 miles away and is no longer fresh nor healthy, leading to national epidemics of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It didn't used to be this way, and it doesn't have to now.

Edendell Farms is proud to sponsor the My Neighborhood Garden (MNG) program, designed to:

  • Share and exchange knowledge about gardening in a neighborhood setting
  • Teach and foster the practices of “urban agriculture” in connection with rural agriculture
  • Provide a mechanism for access to locally grown and healthier foods
  • Develop a constituency for a new type of Community Marketplace
  • Demonstrate “green” technologies throughout the neighborhood
  • Create friendships in which issues can be discussed and ideas fostered
  • Provide a conduit for residents to become involved in problem-solving projects
  • Enhance/restore a sense of community among residents

My Neighborhood Garden is not just a gardening course or club. It has been specifically designed to help neighborhoods with their food systems while opening up opportunities for neighborhood improvement and economic revitalization.

The program works through Neighborhood Liaisons, who will train as Model Gardeners at Edendell Farms' Urban Ag demonstration center, where there are various models for incorporating food-producing plants into an urban dwelling in an aesthetically pleasing way. The Model Gardener brings what is learned to the neighborhood to assist neighbors in setting up their own urban ag in their own yards, patios, and balconies.

How to get My Neighborhood Garden started in your neighborhood:

Simply make a phone call and request involvement in My Neighborhood Garden, and we can talk about finding a Neighborhood Liaison in your locale to get the ball rolling. However, the easiest way to implement MNG is through your existing Neighborhood Association (if you have one) since they have established meeting places. In fact, MNG can act as an adjunct to your association (but this is not required). MNG program sponsors would be happy to talk with them.

Specifically designed to help neighborhoods with their food systems